Treehouse High School, Jaipur

Tree House High School in Kamala Nehru Nagar, Jaipur is distinguished by its unique approach and values towards learning and its commitment for providing quality education, leveraging the best practices of both traditional and contemporary schools of education. We measure our performance by our student’s excellence in academics and co-curricular activities, in addition to developing an enduring interest in sports.

Tree House High School is a day scholar school located in Kamala Nehru Nagar, Ajmer Road, Jaipur. We offer Pre-Kindergarten to Secondary education affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


Our Guideline Principles

Our Mission

To provide a safe, stimulating and quality educational environment at an affordable price…and build a trustworthy and sustainable institution.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer in the field of education, achieve leadership status by growing globally and thus providing inspiration and empowerment to all teachers by integrating our culture and values universally.


Tree House High School aims to provide an environment which facilitates the development of children in a manner that is fun-filled, creative and stimulating.

  • We at Tree House High School aim, to provide a high quality, balanced educational programme which allows each student to develop his or her whole being in all areas of human development – academics, emotional, physical, social and spiritual.
  • We strive to develop young minds into caring, responsible, and creative adults through a stimulating, comprehensive and collaborative learning programme wherein they develop not only their knowledge and skills necessary for success but also develop strong moral values, especially appreciation, global understanding and respect of different cultures.
  • To provide such education that is suited to the needs of the individual wherein teachers. Students and the community work together to make a significant contribution towards the ultimate goal of producing happy, concerned and able citizens of our world.
  • To foster, in students, the ability to think and express themselves with precision, clarity, confidence and imagination by encouraging students to apply rational and creative thought to problems.