About Us

About Us

Working Together Towards a Brighter Horizon

We Believe

True education is about nurturing the body, mind & spirit in a healthy, happy and a stress-free environment - which makes coming to school an enjoyable experience.

Inspiration To

Tree House High School is based on the ideal of integral education, combining the spirit of the East and the scientific nature of the West. It sets the faith in teachers and children to come and grow together to light the lamp of Knowledge, Ananda and Existence.

Yoga, prayer & meditation are as much a part of the schedule as Science, Geography & Computers.

In General

Picnics, camps, fields trips, annual day, fun-fair, garba, sports day, celebration of all the festivals.

The School also conducts an activity filled programme during summer (Vidhya Bharti's little wonder vacation camp) which also welcomes students from other schools.

The School must be an occasion of progress for the
teacher as well as for the students. Each must have
the freedom to develop himself freely.
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Contact Us

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