“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

Not everything that can be counted counts, not everything that counts can be counted.”
-Albert Einstien

It was time to kick off the new academic session with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm as we do every year.

Orientation Programme: On March 28, 2015 an orientation programme was conducted for the parents of new admissions for the academic year 2015-16.

The programme began with the talented teachers offering prayers to the Almighty followed by a medley of inspiring songs. Teachers also conducted activities to make the parents aware of the teaching methodology adopted in classes for concept clarity and to make the experience of learning fun filled.

Later, parents were addressed by the Principal who introduced to them, the ethos of THHS. She elaborated on the functioning of the school as well as some great techniques of smart parenting.

For the parents of the pre-primary section, activities like puppet show, colour mixing session etc. were presented by the teachers to give them glimpses of how concepts are introduced in classes.

Subsequently, an orientation programme was also conducted on 20 June, 2015 for Mid-term admissions.

First Day of school: One more time, a first step towards innovations and reaching new heights was taken on April 7, 2015, with the first day of school for the new academic session. Grade I to VII, old and new students, reported early morning to school all dressed up in their new sparkling uniforms eager to meet their teachers and friends.

The teachers welcomed them with a special assembly and the entire day was funfilled and productive with lots of activities that helped children bond with each other.

Our tiny friends from Nursery, LKG, UKG started school on April 9, 2015 and were later joined by the little babies of play group, on the 13th.

It was an excellent beginning to a great academic year ahead.

Student council elections: Like every year, the search for the most eligible leaders, to form the Student Council of THHS began almost immediately after the opening of the new academic session. Candidates were shortlisted and then began the exciting rallies and canvassing rounds, where the selected candidates went to classes to gain maximum popularity and to ensure that they won the upcoming elections. The much awaited election was conducted on April 23, 2015. Every student from grade I to VII cast their vote in the ballot boxes and got their finger inked.

The ballot boxes’ seals were then broken and the votes counted. The elected prefectorial body was introduced to the school during an assembly on Apr 24, 2015. This Student Council would now be trained to take up their new responsibility after they accept their posts officially, on the day of the Investiture Ceremony.

Investiture Ceremony: On May 2, 2015, the Prefectorial Body of the year 2014-15 handed over the responsibilities of leading the school, to the newly elected Student Council. The new Prefectorial Body was handed over the colours by the Principal, in the presence of the school staff and parents.

The captains, vice-captains and the prefects, headed by the Head Boy and Head Girl received their badges in a very formal and disciplined investiture ceremony.

PTM Grade I and III: Parents were invited to meet the class teacher of their wards and discuss their progress on May 2, 2015. This PTM was held for Gr I and III. Teachers and parents discussed how they could make the transition of the children into the new class, a smooth and gradual process.

Essay Writitng/ Story writing/ Copy writing competition: The series of in-house competitions began with the copy writing and essay writing competition for grades I and II, III, and IV-VII respectively.

The copy writing competition was conducted to encourage neat and tidy handwriting while taking down noted from the board. It is a very vital step for every child in grade I and II.

Students of Gr III put the favourite moral stories on paper. The idea behind this competition was to encourage the art of expressing what the children already know, in their own language.

Gr IV –VII got an opportunity to express their creative writing skills on various topics that would make them stretch their imagination to a great extent. Needless to say, this activity definitely brought out the imaginative and creative side of every student.

Bank visit: Aiming at concept clarity, on May 7, 2015, the students of Gr VII were taken to visit a bank where they gained input on the credit and debit cards, the process of opening an account, withdrawing money and recurring deposits. With this information they understood the application of commercial mathematics in day to day life.

Pool Party! Cooling it in scorching heat!: With the summer season at its peak and the session coming to a long summer break, what more could our tiny friends ask for, than a cool refreshing pool party! The classes of Nursery, LKG and UKG had a fun time getting soaked in water and playing with their friends in the pool.

It was a very enjoyable experience and a perfect way to break for summer.

May 7, 2015 was the last working day, before the children began with their summer vacation. The school reopened on June 22, 2015 after the summer holidays.

Reopening: School reopened on June 22, and It was a lovely experience having the children back to their classes with a few more new friends. The day started with warm greetings from the teachers and the busy academic schedule quickly resumed.

Germination activity: This fun activity was conducted on July 2, 2015 to enhance the observation skills of all the children in the school. The children germinated some seeds in containers and watched tiny seedling come out of them to later change into plants. This fascinating activity is conducted every year to provide an opportunity to build basic knowledge about science and nature, through observation.

Academic Meet Grade I: An academic meet was organized for the parents of grade I, to help them understand this transitional phase in their child’s life in a better way and work cohesively with the school in their progress. Various important aspects regarding class work, home work and assessments etc. were discussed through a presentation. The meet was followed by a question –answer session where parents’ queries were clarified.

Upcoming events:

Date Day Grade Events Theme
23-Jul Thursday I-IV Drawing Competition A scene in the jungle
23-Jul Thursday V-VII PPT presentation Competition Save Tigers
30-Jul Thursday I-VII Founder’s Day Surprising Events
1-Aug Saturday I-VII I PTM Time slots will be communicated via almanac


*Please note Photography club (Gr V-VII), Keyboard club (Gr IV-VII) and SUPW club (Gr IV – VII) have been introduced from the academic year 2015-16. Parents interested to change their ward’s clubs to any of these must send an application through the almanac to their ward’s class teacher.

THHS continues to have a fun filled, challenging, inspiring and a very productive year thanks to our beloved children and an ever enthusiastic team of teachers. Here’s the series of several interesting activities that took place in the month of July, August and September.

Ramzan Id: Ramzan Id was celebrated on 17th July 2015. Some children from the Pre primary as well as the Primary section were dressed in traditional Muslim attire. Teachers explained the importance of this day in Islam and how it is celebrated in the classes.The children visited different classes presenting a small skit on how Ramzan Eid is celebrated and how the fast is broken by eating dates. Children wished each other well by saying ‘Eid Mubarak!’ .

Drawing Competition (Primary): To encourage the creative abilities of the students, the school had arranged for a drawing competition for the students of grade I-IV on July 23, 2015. The theme of the competition was ‘A scene in the jungle’. Students portrayed their skills in the most extravagant manner by using different shades of colours and various animal figures. This was a an excellent opportunity given to the students to portray their notion of a jungle. It was certainly a well received competition.

PPT Presentation Competiton- ‘Save the tiger’ (Senior school): As we all know that the number if tigers is diminishing due to various reasons like deforestation and poaching, creating awareness about illegal hunting of tigers is an initiative that must be taken in all strata of the society.

Keeping this in mind, the young students of grade V, VI and VII were given an opportunity to express their thoughts over the topic through powerpoint presentations. They presented some exceptional PPTs and the prodigious effort put in by every team member was clearly visible. This competition helped them realize the importance of these species on the earth. The facts and oratory put forth by the students to support their presentations could only be possible after a thorough research. Kudos to the young and aware minds of THHS!

1st Open house (Pre Primary): The first Open house for the parents of our little babies was held on 25th July 2015. Parents entered their children’s classrooms with a lot of questions about their little one’s progress. There was a healthy give and take of feedback between parents and teachers keeping in mind the wellbeing and progress of their child. After the meeting with the teachers one could sense that parents felt quite confident about their children attending the school.

Founder’s Day: The Founder’s day was celebrated on July 30, 2015 with great zeal through various activities that were conducted throughout the day. The entire Pre Primary section and grades I and II were enthralled to put their colourful handprints on a canvas that will be transformed further into a beautiful piece of art that will be displayed for all to see from time to time..

Grade II and III also put up a beautiful show containing songs and a skit to emphasize on values like protecting the environment, hard work and of course, being thankful to the Almighty for this beautiful planet that we live on! Their presentation was very well received by the audience comprising of the rest of the school.

Grade IV and V had an exceptionally creative activity where they wrote slogans to glorify their school. They came up with beautiful slogans that showed how much their school means to them.

Grade VI and VII were given the responsible task of planting saplings on the school campus. Not only did they become aware of the importance of aforestation, but also realized the effort that must go in to ensure good nurturing and growth of their saplings. On this special day, they were given the responsibility of taking good care of the saplings they planted, until they are at the school and voluntarily even afterward.

All in all it was a fun day full of great things to learn and observe just like every year!

Sing along session & Socio dramatic activity-Supermarket (Nur): Sing along Session and Socio dramatic play was held on August 1, 2015. It was conducted in individual classes. Parents of all the children were invited. The teachers began with giving some information about how rhyme sessions would help their child’s progress. A few rhymes were enacted through gestures in front of the parents. This was followed by Socio dramatic play for ‘Supermarket’. Children came forward and shared a lot of information about a supermarket. Parents and children had a good time visiting the Supermarket that was set up in the school premises.

Friendship Day Celebration: Friendship Day was celebrated on August 3, 2015. A ‘Friendship Band’ was given to every child in the school so that he could tie it around the wrist of a friend. The spirit of friendship and team work was celebrated on this day.

Story telling competition (LKG/UKG): Little hands, little gestures, little words from little mouths! Such was our story telling competition on August 4, 2015. Smart and confident children came up and narrated amazing stories in English with proper usage of grammar, punctuations, voice modulations and props. It was fun watching them narrate the stories.

Colouring Competition (Nursery) was held on 6th August 2015. The drawing given to the children was that of an umbrella. Teachers had arranged for bowls to be kept on all the tables and the children selected the colours of their choice and coloured the umbrella beautifully.

Independence day: The 69th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the school on the morning of Aug 15, 2015.

The celebration was graced by our dear Managing Director, Mr. Rajesh Bhatia and the chief guest, Smt. Laxmitai Dudhane, corporator, Karve Nagar.

The programme began with a march past by the Student council of the school, followed by the hoisting of the national flag by the respected chief guest. Then the National Anthem was sung by one and all present for the occasion. A tribute was paid to all the soldiers and reformers who have laid down their lives for our country.

The rest of the morning was filled with a plethora of cultural programs like patriotic songs, a skit and a speech and dances that filled everyone’s minds with pride and a strong spirit of patriotism. The Bharatnatyam Pushpanjali at the beginning, the speeches delivered by students of grade VII, the skit put forth by the little ones, the songs by grade IV and V, and the finale dance by grade VII only showcased the efforts taken by the children and their teachers to put up a grand show

Socio Dramatic activity (Water Cycle/Germination) (LKG): A Socio Dramatic activity (Water Cycle/Germination) was held on 22nd August 2015. A skit on Water cycle and Germination was presented in front of the parents by the children. All the children delivered their dialogues with full confidence using suitable props. Parents were very happy and proud to see their children on the stage and performing imparting useful information about the theme of the programme.

GK Quiz Competition: (Primary) Knowledge is the key to success and now-a-days with access to a variety of media, the children have become more aware than ever before. In order to give their knowledge a competitive spin, a GK quiz competition was held on August 27, 2015. The first round of this competition was taken in the classes and the final round was an Inter House team event. Students were given specific topics to refer to and then answer questionnaires both audio-visual and verbal. The topics given to the children were age appropriate and intriguing. For Eg. India: Festivals, India: National Symbols, Europe: Monuments etc.

Rakshabandhan Celebration (Pre primary): Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on August 28, 2015. Rakhis were provided to the children in school. Teachers spoke about the importance of this festival in their classes explaining the bond of love and affection between brothers and sisters. Children shared sweets brought from their homes with each other. Girls tied rakhis around the wrists of the boys from their class. We are sure they were happy to have a new found brother/sister in their life.

Janmashtami Celebration (UKG): Janmashtami was celebrated a week in advance, ie. August 29, 2015, by the students of UKG.   A lovely programme was performed by the children. The birth of Lord Krishna was depicted in the form of a skit. Parents too, were invited to witness the enthralling performance. UKG students also performed a lovely skit on Raksha Bandhan.

The First Term of the session 2015-16 culminated with the Mid Term Examination (Grade I-VII). We are sure that our children have studied hard and will come out with flying colours.

The Second Term of the session 2015-16 promises to be more adventurous and fun filled! See you then!

Upcoming events: Pre-primary and Primary and Senior School

Date Day Grade Event
04 Sept Friday PG-UKG Teacher’s Day
04 Sept Friday I-VII Mid-term exam begins
12 Sept Saturday PG Socio dramatic- Farm Animals and sing along session
18 Sept Friday All Ganpati celebration
03-Oct Saturday Gr I- VII Open House (2nd PTM)
10-Oct Saturday LKG, UKG Open House (2nd PTM)
13 Oct Tuesday I-VII Diya Decoration activity. 1 Diya and decoration material to be brought from home.
17 Oct Thursday III-V Elocution competition: Topic The importance of fitness

Max. Time: 3 Mins.

17 Oct Thursday VI-VII Monologue delivery: Topic: English Classics

Max Time: 2 mins.

21-Oct Wednesday All Dussera Celebration
05-06 Nov Thursday, Friday Pre-Pri Annual Day
07 Nov Saturday I-VII Annual Day
09 Nov – 21 Nov All Diwali Break (students to report on 23 Nov)
13-Nov Friday All Children’s Day


Camel Art Contest: The Camel Art contest was held on September 18, 2015. Students put beautiful illustrations on paper, depending on the themes given to them. Students of all grades participated in this contest and the winners were awarded with medals, certificates and other prizes.

Ganapati Making Activity: This activity was conducted in school on September 23, 2015. Children were asked to make Ganesh idols based on their own perception of the deity using material like clay, vegetables, fruits etc. The children came out with beautiful eco friendly replicas of their favorite Lord Ganesha.

Open House (Term I): Parents are always keen to know their child’s progress at school. Results for the First Term (Gr I-VII) for the academic year 2015-16 were handed over to the parents on October 3, 2015. Teachers discussed the children’s performance with their parents at length and also shared ideas for their betterment. Open House for Playgroup and Nursery was also held on Oct 3, 2015 and for LKG and UKG on Oct 10, 2015. Parents were happy to see their children’s performance and overall development.

Fire Drill: One must always be cautious and be prepared to handle any mishap at home or in the work place. THHS arranged for a live lecture and demonstration by the fire department on October 5, 2015, that taught children several ways to combat fire. Children were thrilled to see the fire truck and a number of equipment that the firemen used to extinguish fire. A timed mock fire drill was also conducted in order to ensure a safe and well managed evacuation in case of emergency.

Guest Lecture on Basic Banking (Grade VI- VII): Guest lectures have always been an integral part of the awareness activities at Tree House High School. The morning of 10th October, 2015 opened up with a talk on basic banking by Mr Abhijit Adkar, a Tree House parent and a notable personality in the field of Banking and Finance sector. This lecture was organized to satisfy the inquisitiveness of children about banking after having been on a field trip to one of the branches of Axis bank in the month of May. The lecture was highly resourceful, spanning over the foundation of banking, the practices followed in older times, the need for change, robustness of the system, types of bank accounts, need for saving, use of a debit/ credit card and account security etc.

Drawing competition: This competition was conducted in the school premises by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission on October 6, 2015, to encourage the artist inside a child. Grade I to IV were given printed outlines that they filled in and coloured. Grade V- VII expressed themselves through drawings based on various themes.

Diya Decoration Activity: On October 13, 2015 a ‘Diya’ decoration activity was conducted for grades I to VII in the school. Every year, children are encouraged to bring out their creativity and use self decorated ‘diyas’ to brighten up their Diwali. The atmosphere in the school was visibly festive as one saw tiny hands putting glitter, mirrors and colours on their ‘diyas’. All the diyas were displayed in the school lobby for a few days before being returned to the children.

Workshop on Defense Technology: On October17, 2015 Mr. Krishnan Balasubramanian, HOD, Dept. of Material Eng. DIAT, delivered a talk to Gr V- VII on various types of technology and strategies developed and used by the Defense Research and Development Organization of our country. Students were shown various videos to make them aware of the use of advance technology in the field of defense engineering and weaponry. It was really well received and opened a new vista for students.

Dandiya Activity: THHS always celebrates festivals with great enthusiasm and this year was no exception. On October 20 and 21, 2015.We decided to enjoy the Navaratri festival with the children on the school ground. Students were asked to dress up in festive clothes and gear up to shake a leg on the foot tapping dandiya music.

Dussera Celebration: Dussera is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. On October 21, 2015, children assembled on the school ground to know more about this festival and to understand the symbolic way of celebrating it. An effigy of Ravana, that symbolizes all evil inside the human mind, was set ablaze with the hope that only good will survive.

Annual Day Celebration: It was that time of the year again… time to dress up and rule the stage. The most awaited event of the year, the Annual Concert was held for three days. Students of the primary and middle school performed on Nov 5, 2015. ‘Enigmatic India’ was a show laced with various excerpts right from the Indus Valley civilization to the Indian

Freedom struggle. Skits and dances set to foot tapping music brought the theme alive. Every student of the school contributed to the grand success of the event. The pre-primary students performed on 6th& 7th November on the theme “RISING STARS”, a concept based on the theory of ‘Multiple Intelligence’. The hard work really counted as parents were very happy and satisfied on seeing their child performing with a lot of confidence and enjoying every moment of it. A surprise addition this time was a dance performance by the most enthusiastic moms of Playgroup students who made their children and family proud. All in all, it was an ideal culmination of a month long procedure of fun filled rehearsals, exhaustive prop-making and training the students to put their best foot forward and make this event a memorable one.

Solo dance and singing competition (Gr I-VII): At THHS, children are trained to develop multiple talents. To encourage their performing skills, a solo dance/ singing competition was held in school. The theme for this year was regional or folk music and dance. The first rounds were conducted in the last week of November and the final round was held on Dec 3, 2015.

Academic Meet (Grade II): An academic meet for parents of Grade II was held on Dec 5, 2015. It was conducted with the objective of discussing the syllabus at length and to clarify any queries that the parents had. Importance of presentation of work and regularity in studies was discussed. Later, parents and children participated in a fun activity, “Parent Child Master Chef” where they prepared yummy eats and shared them with friends and teachers.

Health Talk (Gr I): As parents we always ensure that our children get the best and healthiest lifestyle. However, in order to ensure that, it is vital that we track the growth of our children and also learn about the best possible ways to bring them up. To throw some light on factors like healthy diet, illnesses in children and development of healthy habits, a guest talk was arranged on Dec 12, 2015 for parents of grade I. Maj. Geetanjali Jain, from the Department of Pediatrics, AFMC, Pune, spoke at length to enlighten parents and teachers about vaccinations, prevention of diseases and boosting the overall immune system in order to stay healthy.

Handling Adolescence: As our children of gr VI and VII are in their early teens, it is imperative that they be made aware of all the physical as well as psychological changes they will go through during their adolescent years along with various issues like bullying, peer pressure etc. With this objective, Brig. Das and Dr. Kalpana from the Department from Psychiatry, AFMC, volunteered to deliver a talk on the topic. Separate sessions for girls and boys were held at 2 different venues. Children were encouraged to ask any questions they had and sensitive topics were discussed with utmost care during the sessions.

Sports Week (PG-Gr VII): It was that time of the year again where one heard loud cheers in the school and children were filled with determination to outperform everyone else so their team could be victorious. Yes! It was time for the Annual Sports Meet. This year, the sports meet was held from Dec 12, 2015 to Dec 22, 2015. Heats, individual races and several inter House matches were conducted in the month of November and the final rounds were held on the respective sports days. Parents were invited to cheer up their children. Not only that, we had a few races for parents as well. It was a thrilling time with the ultimate winner being the spirit of sportsmanship.

Christmas Celebration: Santa Claus is coming to town!!! Christmas is a time to cherish lovely moments with friends and family. It is a time to share happiness and to be thankful for such a beautiful life. At THHS, Christmas is celebrated every year with a lot of zest and enthusiasm. This year too was no exception. The school was beautifully decorated with Christmas Trees, reindeers, and sledges… Students decorated their classrooms and teachers told them stories about Christmas. On Dec 23, 2015, children celebrated Christmas in school. Christmas card making competition was also held on December 22, 2015 for LKG students. A nativity skit, that depicted the birth of Christ, was presented by young students. There were carols, and songs and of course! Santa visited with his bag of goodies!

Attention one and all !!!

To celebrate the arrival of the year 2015-16, THHS Karve Nagar is happy to announce the NEW YEAR BONANZA! Come and join us to spend a day of music, dance, games and yummy eats!

Venue: THHS School, Karvenagar                   Date: January 9, 2016             Time: 10 am to 4 pm

Parents interested in putting up various stalls are most welcome to do so by booking a stall in advance by depositing Rs. 500 with your ward’s class teacher by January 6, 2016. Parents can only put up the following type of stalls: Homemade/handmade articles, candles, chocolates etc.(Final decision for allowing a stall rests with the management)

Upcoming events: Gr I-VII                                                                                *JC stands for Judgment Criteria

Date Day Grade Events Theme
07.01.2016 Thu I-II Story Telling My Favourite Bedtime Story

JC: memorization, intonation, props and confidence

07.01.2016 Thu III-V Poem recitation English poetry: Theme Nature

JC: memorization, selection, confidence, intonation

07.01.2016 Thu VI-VII Monologue Delivery competition English monologue: Students to prepare extracts from the following Plays by William Shakespeare

1. Merchant of Venice

2. As you like it.

JC: Expression, pronunciation, memorization, confidence.

*Max 2 minutes

09-19.01.16 Nur-Gr VII Picnics
05.01.16-08.01.16 Nur-Gr VII Class photograph Attendance and school uniform during these days is mandatory.
21.01.2016 Thu I-VII Shloka Competition Details will be communicated via Almanac

JC: Pronunciation, selection, confidence, memorization.

30.01.2016 Saturday I-VII PTM
29.01.16-06.02.16 Nur-VII Traffic Awareness Week
25.02.16-15.03.16 I-VII FINAL EXAMINATION This is a tentative bracket of dates so as to facilitate parents with their travel plans.
24.03.16 Thu Gr I-VII Result Day
24.03.16 Thu Gr I-VIII Sale of Uniforms and school essential For Existing Students
26.03.16 Sat All new students Orientation Programme and sale of uniforms and school essentials For new admissions only
04.04.16 Monday Gr I- VII New session 2016-17 Opening Day of session 2016-17


  • Winter Break: 24.12.2015 to 03.01.2016. Students to report on 04.01.2016
  • Summer Break (PG to Gr VI) : 09.05.2016- 19.06.16. Students to report on 20.06.16
  • Summer Break (Gr VII to Gr VIII) : 09.05.2016- 07.06.16. Students to report on 08.06.16

Timing for Grade 1-8 for session 2016-17: Morning Shift: 7.20-12.50 pm, 12.15-5.45 pm (Pre Primary remains as per note sent earlier)

** Session and classes for grade VIII will begin on 16 March, 2016. An orientation for parents of students going to grade VIII will be held on January 4, 2016 at 8:30 am. Attendance is mandatory.

Upcoming events- Nur-UKG (Pre Primary)

Date Day Grade Events Theme
08.01.2016 Fri Nur Nursery Rhymes Rhyme recitation competition with props and actions. JC: Props, Memory, Clarity, Confidence.
05.01.16-08.01.16 Nur-Gr VII Class photograph Attendance and school uniform during these days is mandatory.
09.01.16-19.01.16 Nur-Gr VII Picnics
02.02.2016 Tue LKG-UKG Fancy Dress Competition Fairy Tale Characters.(Child should be able to say a few lines on the character chosen) JC: Presentation, Dialogue, Choice of Character, Confidence.
06.02.2016 Sat PG-UKG PTM 3 English monologue: details later in almanac
09.02.16 Tue Nur Dress up as my favorite character JC: Presentation, Dialogue, Choice of Character, Confidence.
13.02.16 Saturday PG/NUR/LKG Grand Parents’ Day
01.03.16 Tue LKG,UKG Handwriting Competition JC: Neatness, Accuracy, In sequence and spacing.
12.03.16 Sat UKG Graduation/Last Working/Report Day
15.03.16 Tue PG/NUR/LKG Last working day Students to report in April as per new session dates.
19.03.16 Sat PG/NUR/LKG Report day
19.03.16 Sat All Sale of school essentials Existing students
19.03.16 Sat All Sale of school essentials Existing students
24.03.16 Thu UKG Sale of school essentials UKG Going to Gr I
26.03.16 Sat New Admissions Orientation Programme
05.04.16 Tue UKG New session opening UKG Session 2016-17
06.04.16 Wed NUR and LKG New session opening Nur and LKG Session 2016-17 opening
11.04.16 Mon PG New session opening PG Session 2016-17 opening


  • Nutrimeal (canteen facility) are mandatory for all Pre Primary students from session 2016-17. Relevant details can be found on school notice board and with the admission counseling team. However, in case of any issues you are welcome to submit an application to the Principal.

Wish you a very happy new year!

With Warm Regards,

Principal, THHS Karve Nagar