“Kayra likes coming to school. Wants to come on Sundays as well. Recites nursery rhymes at home too many times. Does exercises as taught at school. Overall good development. Thank you! Loves her teacher & remembers her a lot….”

Kayra Gijare (PG A)

“Thank you teachers for taking so much pain to handle these kids. I see a lot improvement in Akshat.”

-Akshat Nayak. (Nur A)

“My child is improving, I feel teaching practices are good. Thanks teachers.”

-Aarav Mangal (Jr KG A)

“Jyotiraditya is very happy and enthusiastic about the school. Thank you very much! Meeting was conducted in interactive manner. Conducted well.”

-Jyotiraditya Kumbhar (Sr KG A)

“Kshitij has shown a lot improvement in lat few months. Appreciate teachers’ efforts.”

-Kshitij Sonar (I B)

“Overall good progess. Now looking forward with improvement on his communication skills & self confidence.”

-Arnav Haveli (II A)

“Hrishabh is very with the school and has a lot of affection for all his teachers. Curriculam is well balanced and children don’t get pressurized.”

-Hrishabh Rajgopal (III A)