“Respected Principle Ma’am and entire team of Tree House High School

It was really a knowledgeable theme “Manthan”. Through dialogues, dances and videos we got to know about different aspects of our up growing children. We got to know about child’s abasement and how to make our children aware about all the dirty things around them.

Thanks to all for such wonderful and informative programmes and congratulations for grand success of annual concert.”

–Reena Shah.

“Every year, we have been attending annual day concert but this year, it was truly informative and amazing.

This concert was all about important message for all of us regarding our environment, nature and society. We all must have a sense of responsibility towards our nature and society.

I would like to thank whole team of Tree House High School for organizing this inspirational and meaningful event.”

–Vikas Bharadwaj father of Aakriti Bharadwaj class-V

“The annual concert was truly inspirational and stage performances, dances and dialogues were filled with informative content. The traditional performance on stage was good for both parents and children.

The main theme of annual concert “Manthan” was brilliant and fantastic which was focused to spread awareness for child labor and responsibility towards our society and nature. This concert also showed great unity of all school staff.

Last but not least, the performance related to daughters was amazing and meaningful for the mothers who are gifted with lovely daughters. We are also gifted with a lovely daughter and feel very proud to be parents of a daughter.”