At Tree House High School an array of extracurricular and co-curricular activities complements the academic courses to enrich the life of the school community and to help the students develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Physical Education is give as much importance as academics. Students are provided ample opportunities to play a wide variety of games.

Apart from sports activities, we at Tree House High School also hold frequent stage shows, as in today’s world good communication skills and the confidence to face an audience not only helps in building self-esteem but also augments overall personality development. Polishing of ‘soft skills’ and acquiring ‘Life skills’ will equip them for a rewarding future too.

Activities/games that are conducted are –

  • Creative expression: Debates, stage shows. Dramatics. Elocution, Dance, Panting, Drawing, Music, etc.
  • Community Service: Planting trees, making plastic free zones etc
  • Educative and entertaining trips: Picnics, visit to zoo/gardens etc.
  • Sports: Martial Arts, Yoga, Gymnastics, Basketball, Skating, Kho-Kho, Cricket etc.

National Competitions:

Children will be encouraged to participate in National competitions like ASSET, National Olympiads, Spell Bee etc.


Interactive Sessions and Activities:

An open communication channel between parents and the school cohort is the foundation on which rests the child’s success and happiness. Tree House High School has regular Open House sessions during the academic year, where parents and teachers discuss the child’s progress and workout strategies to enhance overall performance. Parents are also welcomed to meet the school authorities with prior appointment.

Annual functions and student presentations, held regularly, keep the parents abreast with their child’s progress.

Competing with ones peer group is an essential aspect of growing up. At Tree House High school various national and school level competitions are organized to ensure holistic development of students.

All students from Nursery onwards participate in competitions like Clay Modelling, Nursery Rhyme Recitation, Colouring, Drawing, Solo Dance, Story Telling, Quiz, Crossword Solving, Handwriting, Card Making, Spell Bee, Rangoli are amongst many others,