Co-Curricular & Extra- Curricular Activities

True education is training the body, the mind and the soul. Physical Education is given as much importance as academics.

Tree House School will offer an array of Co-curricular and extracurricular activities. These will complement the academic courses enrich the life of the school community and to help the students develop physically, emotionally, and socially. Sports/Game offer at the school include appropriate outdoor and indoor sports.

In due course of time the following activities will also be introduced–

  • Debates, dramatics, Recitations, Elocution, Quiz.
  • Dance, Music, Art and Drawing.
  • Annual Day, project days, Science &Art Exhibition, Book Fair.
  • Graduation day, Award day.

In its endeavor towards providing a holistic learning environment for its students, the school proposes to form various clubs. Students should participate in the activities of any one/more of the clubs as and when they are introduced such as the-

  •  Astronomy club
  • Debates and Elocution Club
  • Brain gym and Abacus
  • Readers Club
  • Instrumental Music
  • Western and Indian Dance
  • Whiz Club
  • Pottery
  • Photography


A unique identity that reflects a quality one would like to imbibe or shining example of nature’s myriad faces that a child’s world should touch upon is the reason that Tree House SUS, Pune has singular nomenclature for its classes. Each section of Pre-Primary and every grade of Primary to High School have names that reflect another innovation aspect of the Tree House curriculum.

The tiny tots of Playgroup got by the name of ‘’Angel’’ and ‘’Beauty’’. Nursery goes allfruity with sections named after fruits like ‘Apple, Berry, Cherry and Pear’. Lower Kindergarten brings to life petty flowers like ‘’ Aster and Iris.’’

Primary and Secondary students uphold values like ‘’ Innocence, Diligent and Efficient’’ by selecting these as their grade names.

House System:

Like every school going child our students too will belong to a ‘House’. Tree House children can however, boast of belonging to Houses that reflect the values they grow up with.