The curriculum at Tree House High School is unique in its weave of inventive thinking, multiple intelligence and differentiated learning, we have taken the best practices from both progressive as well as traditional schools, and created a curriculum with student achievement in and out of the classroom, as the primary focus. Our learning programme prepares children for life; it inculcates skills of creative and independent thinking, and the ability to view an issue from multiple perspectives, The school’s curriculum framework allows children to continuously engage in learning experiences that encourage inquiry, reflection, communication, and application of their learning in wider-world situations.

At Tree House High School, learning is segregated into four different units:

  • The Pre Primary School
  • Primary School (Class I-V) which will grow into
  • The Middle School (Class VI-VIII)
  • The Senior School (Class IX & X)

In the pre-Primary section (Playgroup to Sr. KG), the school admits tiny tots from 24 months onwards and we have the much acclaimed “Tree House” curriculum which is a combination of Play way and Montessori methods. “Tree House” as a brand stands for its best and innovative standards and is an ensemble for professional setup, trained and experienced teachers and the use of contemporary teaching strategies. We try to link the child’s home environment to the classroom activities. The play way and Montessori methods undertaken at ‘The Tree House’ helps children to develop confidence, self-reliance, discipline and also help to develop the distinctiveness of each child’s personality. Our team continuously works to bring in the latest whether it is in curriculum, or theme based learning or the activities which helps faster assimilation of learning and experience.

National Competitions:

The council conducts, The Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter-School Debate and The Albert Barrow Memorial All India Inter-School Creative Writing competitions, thereby underpinning the critical importance of creativity and the ability to articulate one’s thoughts in writing and speech in school education.