Diaspora of Activities

Progress of a child depends upon the opportunity for all round development accorded to them. At Tree House High School an array of extracurricular activities complement the academic course to enrich the life of the school community and to help the students develop physically, emotionally and socially. Physical education is given as much importance as academics. Students are provided ample opportunities to play a wide variety of games. Apart from sports, we at Tree House High School,  Kondhwa also hold frequent stage shows as in today’s world good communication skills and confidence to face audience not only help in building self-esteem  but augment overall personality development. Polishing of Soft skills and acquiring Life Skills will equip them for future too.

The following activities/games are conducted –

 Creative Expression: Debate, stage shows  – Dramatics, Elocution, Dance, Music, Painting/Drawing, Socio Dramatic Play etc.

Community Service: Planting trees, making plastic free zones, visiting old age home, cleanliness Drive, Road Safety etc.

Educative and Entertaining Tips: Picnics, Visit to zoo, etc.

Competitions: Various events are held to foster the spirit of healthy competitions.

House Systems: The house system is a traditional feature of schools. The school is divided into subunits called ‘houses’ and each student is allocated to one house upon enrollment. Here at Tree House High School, Kondhwa we have the following four houses: