“Very satisfied with the progress of my daughter and her confidence level has improved.”

– Om Kanwar, Mother of Aradhya (Class Nursery)

“Very happy and satisfied with the overall progress of his son.”

– Rajesh Bhaskar, Father of Bhavya Bhaskar (LKG)

“The father has expressed his heartfelt feelings towards the school authorities who visited his son in the hospital and at home when he had met with a serious car accident and expressed his gratitude. The boy has now recovered and returned back to school.”

– Virendra Sharma, Father of Bhavesh Sharma, (UKG)

“The student came on a transfer from the Shyam Nagar school in Jaipur and the parents have expressed that the teachers made the child feel comfortable in a new environment and he was able to adjust very quickly.”

– Mukesh Prashar, Father of Atharv Prashar (3rd std.)

“The student came from a village background and a local school and due to the schools environment she has developed self confidence and also improved on her language and speaking skills. The parents are very happy on her progress.”

– Ram Niwas Janu, Father of Anvi Janu (8th std.)