The curriculum cultivates new ways of thinking, seeing and processing ideas in a children’s minds. Taking best practices from both contemporary as well as traditional tenets of education, we have custom-created a programme that is highly experiential, contextual, activity-oriented and based on multidisciplinary teaching approaches.

For our little tiny-tots the infrastructure comprises of separate nurseries for transforming their innocent childhood into a wonderland of innovation and exploration. Sports playground and activities are an integral part of the school campus. We offer a wide range of choices and opportunities for both individual and group experiences, as well as for the development of lifelong skills and interests.

During the early pre-primary school years a child absorbs directly from the environment, almost like a sponge. Hence, during this phase, language and gross motor skills are honed through socio dramatic ways and child-centered methodology.



The unique curriculum of Tree House High School is a blend of the best in National curriculums and is aligned to the current understanding of learning and teaching. It facilitates a seamless progress from formative years through schooling to tertiary education while ensuring a smooth transition from one curriculum to the other.

The curriculum encourages students to be active learners who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. By exposing students to a wide variety of disciplines, both cognitive and non-cognitive skills are fine-tuned as they prepare for a well-balanced life.

We strive to engage our children, add spark and energy to their lessons and promote a strong sense of self-worth outside of school. We also work tirelessly to create an enriched curriculum for our children, injecting varied and rich learning experiences.