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• Registration, Administration, Prospectus and event/sports/development fees are non-refundable.
• There will be a minimum increase of 10% annually.
• Tuition fee is payable as per schedule given by school.
• No reduction/concession in fees is allowed on account of joining late or absence from the school.
• Fees are charged from the beginning of the Session.
• Fees are levied for the whole academic year (12 months) and are to be paid.
• In case of non-compliance of paying the school fees on or before the prescribed date, the name of the student will be removed by the school from the student    register, at the end of thirty days. Students will only be re-admitted after paying all dues along with fine and reactivation fee.
• Students having fee arrears during the time of Examination will not be allowed to write the examination.
• In case of withdrawal, parents have to give one month’s prior notice to the school.
• School leaving certificate or transfer certificate will be issued only after all the dues are cleared.
• In case after admission, parents want to withdraw, will have to forfeit tuition fees.

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